Progreso, Texas – Bring Your Wallet

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Just across the border from Progreso, Mexico is the town of Progreso, Texas, a town of about 5000 people.

Progreso, TX is an easy border crossing into Mexico and also a well known speed trap.  Every day the run down police station is transformed into a court house from 4:00 PM until around 6:00 PM.  I mention this because I had the pleasure to pay them a visit this week.

Usually we don’t stay in Mexico after dark, but this time we left at about 6:00 PM for our 20 mile journey home.  About a mile north of the border I was pulled over by officer Beinal, badge # 304, for a malfunctioning left head light.  I have never heard of people getting anything other than a warning ticket first for this offense.  Not in Progreso.  I was issued a citation for the headlight and given a time to show up at court.

We were driving our jeep which is used for beach activities and trips to Mexico.  We rarely drive it a night.  Last month we had it inspected and all was well.

I purchased a new headlight for about $20 and replaced the old one.  Upon inspection the bulb had what appeared to be a BB hole in it.

At 2:00 PM yesterday, I gathered my receipt and citation and headed off to the police department where I  was told that the judge didn’t arrive until 4:30.  I returned then to find that 12 people had signed in ahead of me to see the judge.  I suppose that I could have paid a fine, but that would leave me with a moving violation.

When my time arrived to see Judge Bustamonte (5:45 PM), he asked if I was guilty and the answer could only be positive since the light was actually out.  I showed him my receipt for the light and he dismissed the moving violation.  Here’s the catch, I still owed them for court costs of $100.00.  I had to go get a money order and return to pay the fee.

Judging from the number of people there, it is obvious that this activity is probably the town’s best “fund raiser”.

If you happen to be going through Progreso, TX make sure that you don’t speed and that your vehicle is in good working order.

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