Family in Connecticut

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We cruised across Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. We were very impressed with the  beauty of each state.  It appears that we can see the light at the end of the “tunnel”.


The purpose of this trip was to visit with Rick’s mother and his brother, Gary, and family who live in north central Connecticut.  It is difficult to relate to the size of this state.  The distance from north to south in Connecticut is  a shorter distance than crossing the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

We enjoy the old architecture, but not everything is “Big Rig” friendly.  This gas station is an example.


One of the quaintest towns was New Hartford, its buildings just oozes  early 1900’s.


It seems like all of the cemeteries are on hills.  As a confirmed “flat-lander”,  I wouldn’t want to be a pall bearer in this area.


We found an RV park, White Pines Campsites, which were located on top of a mountain.  There are easy ways to get there and really steep ways.  Our GPS had us turn the wrong direction and we were forced to go down a 12% – 15% grade for 8/10 of a mile.  The brakes were smoking when we reached the bottom.(Front pads and fluid changed out, another $300.00)

The campground is very busy on weekends.  They get tons of day people to use the pool, horseshoes, RC car track, and other activities.  They even have a hayride with “Mr. Hayride.”  That conjures up visions.


There’s no hay, and they pull it with a lawn tractor, but the kids enjoy it.

They have had so much rain that we were unable to get into the slots that would have allowed us to use our satellite TV dome.  Too many tall trees.  They ended up putting us on 3 RV spaces with water, electric and cable TV.  Most of their sites have gray-water sewer, but not ours. They came around and drained the gray and we fully dumped upon our departure.  Trees and low wires hindered the access to the dump.

We had a great visit with Rick’s brother, Gary, his wife, Meg, and son, Noel.  They were great hosts and kept us busy throughout the visit.  I don’t know how they do it.

We were happy to get time with Rick’s mother, Nelle.  Rick was able to get her computer tuned up.  She had been having problems with it.  A defective UPS was the culprit. That and a new mouse had her up and running like new. We really enjoyed our visit with her.

Nelle’s brother, Dick, also arrived for three days of visit during our stay.  We stopped at Dick’s house in St. Louis back in mid-July.

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  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for the info… My Aunt lived in Hartford… Beautiful state even though it is small it is mighty… Love it there

    Have Fun & Safe Travels

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