Six Flags – “More Flags, More Fun”

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Another day with the grandchildren, another amusement adventure.  Today was Six Flags Over Texas.  I figured that we put in about 1.5 hours per flag.

Our first ride was a huge water ride that drenched us completely.  It’s been decades since I had the opportunity to wander around for hours with damp underwear.Refer to UFM underwear blog for a complete guide on men’s intimate hygiene care.


It was 98 degrees today.  They have the nerve to charge $6.00 for two bottles of water.   Thank goodness that they have drinking fountains and misters (Fans that spew a fine spray of water.) to keep you cool.

The biggest treat for all, except Tinka, was the Judge Roy Scream roller coaster.


This wooden coaster is one of the oldest in the park and still as much fun.


Here’s the first of many successful exits.


The sombrero went over well with the kids.  There is something about a ride that only goes backwards that I don’t like.


The girls look a little bored on the Mini-Mine Train


Only Ayden would ride the Gunslinger, a giant rotating swing.


Tinka and Gracie tried their hand at the parachute, in the background.


The place is lousy with superheros and cartoon characters.  These were my favorites.


Every time that we saw one of the characters, Gracie made a bee line to them to give them a big hug.


Apparently Ayden was too shy, except for this dirty old man.


Even Tinka got into the act.  The old man does pretty well with the ladies.


Here’s a tip.  If you want to try to go Six Flags, I would suggest that you purchase your tickets online.

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