Jeep Hitch

It has been pretty busy for us over the past weeks and the blogs are stacking up.

We  have discovered that the Jeep is great for the beach, however, if we want to take anyone with us, there is no place to put beach stuff.  Here’s the answer.

I purchased a trailer hitch from JC Whitney, which is a great site for auto parts, especially for Jeeps.  There were a few tricks, but it bolted on to the existing holes in the frame.  Installation time was less than 30 minutes.

We had removed the generator from the tray on the back of the 5th wheel because, in two years, we have never used it.   I took the tray to a muffler shop and had them add an inch to the post, along with a new hole, that would allow the tray to miss the jeep spare tire.


We use the bag that is designed to cover our bicycles to secure our stuff and strapped it on with a couple of tie downs.  The only drawback is that the tailgate won’t open with the tray on there, but we can reach in the back window if necessary.

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