First Visitors of the Year.

We spent our last evening in the Dallas area as guests of our friends, Jerry and Dana.  They returned the visit two days later when they arrived in their motor home to help us celebrate New Year’s Eve.  They arrived on December 28th and departed on January 3rd.During their visit, we made two attempts, one successful, to cross the border into Mexico.   Our first attempt took us to Nuevo Progreso for lunch.  The sun was in the wrong spot but we snapped this shot of Jerry and Dana on the bridge at mid river.


We’ll have to work on Jerry’s relaxation techniques.  Maybe putting down the blackberry would be a good start.

Once across the river they posed, again with the sun at their backs, in front of the Mexican border sign.


We wandered around the main street and decided on a restaurant.  We chose the Arizona Restaurant that is located on the second floor above a liquor store.  We arrived at an off-peak time.  The food was good and the ambiance pleasant.


Jerry, Dana and Tinka wait for the elevator to exit the restaurant.


Our unsuccessful attempt to cross the border occurred a few days later about 20 miles west of McAllen.  The crossing is known as Los Ebanos and is quite unique.  It is a hand-pulled ferry across the Rio Grande.  The historical marker tells of its history.


The text of the sign reads:

Apparently this is an ancient ford, first recorded usage was by Spanish explorers and colonists under Jose de Escandon in the 1740’s on the Rio Grande.  A salt trail led from here to El Sal del Rey (40 mi. NE).  The ford was used by Mexican War troops, 1846, by  Texas Rangers chasing cattle rustlers, 1874, by smugglers in many eras, especially during the American prohibition years, 1920’s and 30’s.  The ferry and inspection station were established in 1950.  Named for the ebony trees here, this is known as the only government licensed, hand-pulled ferry on any boundary of the United States.

Unfortunately, on this day, the river current was too swift for safe operation and was closed.


This shot is looking across the river at Mexico.  The ferry can accommodate three autos and several pedestrians.   Several Winter Texans use this crossing for bike rides to a small Mexican town a couple of miles from the river where they will have lunch and return.

One unexpected observation was that the road to the ferry was paved on the Mexican side, but not on the US side.

New Year’s Eve went well with a great celebration and dance at the park.  Another of our friends, Ruthie, put on a great performance that lasted a little over 4 hours.

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