Break’s Over

We’re back in Rockport and have been doing nothing but watching the Olympics daily.  Our stationary activity would have been of interest to nobody except vultures.

Anyway, we had fun at Galveston with the granddaughters.  The two day interruption from tropical storm Eduoard was a real nuisance.

Again, this year, the girls were able to pretend that they were twins. (A special note:  We were notified that Gracie will be a big sister in March, 2009.  Congratulations Kiri and Justin.)


The only day that it rained during last year’s Galveston adventure we had planned on trying miniature golf.  Well, this year we picked a real scorcher to go and play.  Here, following another of Rick’s holes-in-one, the girls ponder(?) their next putt.


On Friday, Ayden’s father, Lance, showed up to enjoy the beach.  He teamed up with the girls to prepare a spot for their sand castle.


This is kind of interesting.  You might note the depth of the hole.  The layer at the bottom of the hole is mud.  The sand is quite shallow.  Although there was not much damage from the recent storm, in 2005 the area suffered the wrath of hurricane Rita.  Areas of the beach along the nearby Bolivar Peninsula were damaged severely.  We found spots at the waterline that had no sand, just the slippery mud.  It was quite difficult to walk on.

Once we convinced Ayden that she wasn’t going to be eaten by fish, she decided to try the waves.


Tinka, looking good here, showed Ayden the way to grip the board.


Gracie and Lance wait for the next perfect wave.


When we were in Puerto Vallarta, we saw vendors with their dolls on parachutes showing their wares.  They would stand there and the GI Joes would fly quite easily.  We found one vendor with Barbies flying and couldn’t pass them up for the girls.  This is about as far as we could get them up before Barbie broke into two pieces.


After the girls left on Sunday, we hung around for a few days to relax.  We headed back across on the ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula.  We were amazed to see the number of ships waiting for their turn in the ship channel.


We were unable to drive up the beach as far as we did before the storm.  There were sections of sand and shells that were quite soft.  Our jeep was able to get through it pretty well, but there were areas of that slippery mud that we didn’t want to risk.

Eduoard brought in a new batch of seaweed to drive the fishermen nuts.  It’s amazing how much seaweed can collect on your line.  We decided not to try.

Tinka and I were able to get in a little boogie board time in.


On Tuesday we headed back to Rockport and the Corpus Christi area.

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  1. Sister says:

    Thanks for the update. Looks and sounds like the girls had a great time and probably wore the Grandparents out. They look so cute when they are dressed alike each summer. I wish I had been at the beach last week. Also, thanks for the C temperature reading. I like knowing the conversions. Holes-in-one!!, Rick!! Well, then you can’t go putting with Val and me…

  2. guess purses says:

    A Good Read…

    Very helpful info thanks…

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