South Padre Island, TX – The Beach

THE BEACH – Our favorite place.

We were told that the seaweed season in this area runs from February until April.  Well it’s running a little longer than that this year.  Our first trip up the beach showed quite an accumulation.


Each day a little less seaweed was present in the water and the beach widened.  Finding a spot to perch meant getting quite close to the shore.


On our trip up the beach we found some unusual things along the the seashore.  Things like a sand dune adorned with blue flip-flops.


A little further up the shore we came across a truck with a 2-story structure behind it.


Whoever constructed it placed his tent on the second floor of the structure.  I guess he doesn’t like sleeping on the ground.


A little farther up the beach we spotted another odd structure.


It turns out that “Grandma”, the shrimp boat shown above, had lost power in a storm during a high tide and beached itself about 6-miles north of the last beach access.


Grandma was flying both US and Mexican flags.

The next day, when we came upon the scene, a tug boat was working to get into position to extract Grandma.


Eight hours later it appeared that the boats were in position and waiting for the next high tide that was due to arrive at midnight.  Extraction was apparently successful because on the following day both boats were gone.

The sand was getting quite soft and harder to pass each day.


By Saturday there were several cars that had trouble moving along.  We even got bogged down once with our new jeep.

We’ve met some great people on the beach and have enjoyed getting a little fishing in.  One lady caught a little shark that was about 24 inches long.


Rick caught a keeper size red drum.  Since we didn’t have a place to keep it, we gave it to our friends and they took it to the Dorado Restaurant and had it prepared for dinner.


Upon arrival back at the KOA, we spotted what must be the longest RV we’ve ever seen.  It is a modified goose neck stock trailer.


It must be close to 50 feet long with two slide-outs on the left side.


All good things must come to an end.  The beauty of it is that we just head off to another good thing.  Today we leave South Padre Island and head back to Rockport for a few weeks.

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  1. Sister says:

    Well, those are odd things at the beach. On our beach in BC some very weird things are showing up—feet in runners. Human feet. There have been 5 so far–one complete set-male; one female and 4 male singles. They do DNA tests to find the matches. The feet have come detached from the legs in a natural way the police say–they have not been hacked off by another human. No one has been identified yet nor has the origin of the feet been determined. By that I mean, I don’t think they know exactly how they floated into the places where they were found. I am sure you can find a complete story online. How would you like to find such a foot on the beach. Yikes!!

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