The Farmers Love Us

We left the Rockport/Corpus Christi area last week and headed to the Rio Grande Valley.  Our goal was to scope out RV parks for use during the cold months of December, January, and February.  Some people think we’re nuts because there are over 35 RV parks in Rockport alone and they fill up with Winter Snowbirds who think they are escaping the cold.  We have a little different definition of “cold” and are hoping that a few hundred extra miles south will do the trick for us. We’ve had some incredibly dry travels since we left Florida last September.  The reason that the Valley farmers love us is because it hasn’t rained here in months and it hasn’t stopped raining since we arrived.  We’ve only ventured out on wheels because a few ponds have developed between us and the pool.


We are moving to South Padre Island on Wednesday, July 9th.  It is expected to rain until the 10th.  Perhaps we’ll get some decent weather to explore the island the week we will be there.

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