Meteor Crater – Arizona

We used to think that Texas had varied climates and topographies but perhaps Arizona’s variations are more dramatic.

We headed about 35 miles east of the mountains of Flagstaff, near Winslow, to go to Meteor Crater.  This was Jeff Bridges’ destination in the movie “Star Man”.  The area east of Flagstaff is a high plateau that is at an elevation about 5700 feet above sea level.  The crater is located about 3 miles south of Interstate 40.   As we approached the crater we could see the Welcome Center in the distance. 


Meteor Crater ( is privately owned and operated.  We were quite impressed with the facility.  They have a movie theater that runs a 10-minute informationional video every half hour, a museum that has a varied collection of astronomical and geological displays, both high and low tech.  The facility also contains a gift shop and a Subway restaurant. Near the I-40 exit they have an RV park.  The road is fine and there is ample parking for any size rig.


It was a little hazy, but you might be able to see the mountains near Flagstaff in the background.


The crater was formed about 50,000 years ago by the impact of a chunk of rock about 150 feet in diameter.  The crater is about 4000 feet in diameter and 570 feet deep.  It has collected some dust and filled in from its original depth of 750 feet. (CLICK ON PICTURE to open a larger picture in a new window.}


From the Welcome Center there are several viewing locations and walking tours around the crater are available.

The crater has also been used as a training center for Apollo astronauts.  Space suits were tested and astronauts were taught what type of lunar rocks to collect.  The Wall of Honor lists all of the astronauts.


The first few panels contain the well known names of the Apollo lunar astronauts.


There is a test Apollo capsule on display that was used elsewhere to test flotation capabilities.

We spent about two hours at the facility and found the information and scenery fascinating.  The cost for entry is $15 per person and $13 for seniors.

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