Easter – Stay off the road!!

Our intent was to leave Mexico around April 1st in order to get to the Montana Rally in Tucson by the 4th.  Because we had an issue with our refrigerator and wanted to get it fixed before the rally, we elected to head north a little earlier.  We learned that driving between Palm Sunday and Easter was a bad idea. 

It appears that about 40 percent of Mexicans elect to take that week off for vacation and most head to the beaches.  The roads are busy enough as it is and we didn’t want any part of it.  Therefore we decided to get out before Palm Sunday weekend.

All through the country are shrines on the hillsides.  We noticed that over the days prior to Palm Sunday that these shrines were getting a face-lift.  Here’s an example of one that got a fresh coat of paint.


The vendors aren’t going to let the holiday get by without a chance to promote religious items.  It looks like they may be trying to recycle some of the Christmas stuff.


Guess what, every place we found a tope (speed bump) we found another display.


Well, our plan came off without a hitch.  We crossed the border on the Thursday before Palm Sunday and were spared the mass surge to the sea.

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