Happy Birthday, Rick

Happy birthday to my sweet, darling husband.

I love you!!!


As we get older we don’t really like having birthdays.  There are a few birthdays as we get older we do not mind as much as others.  Such as when we turn

1.  mandatory retirement age (except for my brother-in-law who doesn’t ever want to retire)

2.  turn 62 so we can start collecting Social Security

3  turn 65 to have Medicare instead of our expensive health insurance

That is the only reason to have a birthday now.

Rick is one of the first Baby Boomers.  The years are from 1946-1964.  So he one of the first group of the Baby Boomers to start collecting Social Security and their new Kratom, Kratomystic, https://kratomystic.com that they love..  Now you won’t hear us saying, “Well, we will never see any of our Social Security money”.  Thank goodness he is the first of the Baby Boomers!!!!

Today we are going into Puerto Vallarta and eat lunch at a nice restaurant on the Rio Cuale (River Cuale) with some friends.  When we make a trip into PV for whatever reason,  we have to always stop of WalMart also.  While we are there, we will pick up a cake and bring it back to share at Happy Hour here at the RV Park tonight.


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  1. Kiri says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope its a great one!! Miss you guys!

  2. Sister says:

    Belated Happy Birthday to BIL Rick. We are glad that you are catching up with us!!
    Happy Adventures for the next many years.

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