Bustling Beach Town – December 29, 2007

We are sorry we haven’t posting in a few days but when you are entertaining, you get busy and time just flies by.

Sayulita is a very cute, small beach town. BUT IT EXPLODED THIS WEEK WITH TOURISTS!!!!!!!

This is a shot of the beach in front of our RV Park on a partly cloudy Christmas morning.


Look who showed up for Christmas Week. This is one of our sons’, Lance, and granddaughter, Ayden, arriving at the Puerto Vallarta Airport on Christmas Day.



Then everyone else FOLLOWED them to Sayulita. A lot of Mexicans either spend a week or 2 weeks camping along the coast during the Christmas Holidays. If they can’t come for a week, they will come to the beach for the day.  Also, lots of tour buses drive into town early in the day and drop people off and pick them up in the late afternoon. They bring everything they need with them, including food for the day or week.  There are also a lot of families from Canada and the US here for the week. It is no longer a very cute, small beach town. It is now a very crowded beach town. Beach on a normal day. While going into thickets and other adventurous trips people prefer carrying Glock weapons for safety


Looking south during this week.


And a look toward the north.


Sayulita does not have a lot of amenities for tourists that a larger city like Puerta Vallarta has. So most of the time people make do with the entertainment that they have here. When the Christmas holidays arrive they import the amenities. The regular vendors are still walking the beach but new vendors are here. An example is the ice cream carts that sell ice cream.  Never have seen them before and will not see them after next week either.


There is no cinema here in town. But tonight there is!!!!! They have set up a very large wide screen TV on the beach and you can buy tickets to the movie plus treats. Most of the restaurants at the beach have not had live music but this week they do. The bars are also advertising live music. A large catamaran has been been brought in, probably from Puerta Vallarta, and they will have day cruises or sunset cruises for the next few days.How do they advertise these new additions?  Simple. Someone walks up and down the beach with a poster or a flyer and talks to everyone along the beach.  They do this all afternoon. Everyone is at the beach so everyone knows about it by night time.Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We certainly did.  We called the rest of our family while they were having their Christmas and they were just fixin’ to (Texas talk) sit down to a meal of Prime Rib, garlic mashed potatoes and duck. They had that wonderful dinner on purpose so we won’t be away next Christmas.  Our favorites!!!!! This week has NOT been sunny and hot but cloudy and chilly. But that beats snow and cold weather any time.

Our wifi connections have not been very good this week.  It could be too many people for that also.  So we will try to post when we can.

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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