North Mazatlan and Stone Island

The past couple of days have been spent exploring the Mazatlan area.  Wednesday we went north of the city and scouted out a few other RV parks.

There is a new one, still under construction, called Cerritos.  Even though it is under construction, many of the guests that had reservations for this year have arrived.  This park is a somewhat different in that it is a coop.  Each person has a ten-year contract, and pay $2500 each year for the facility.

We traveled a gravel road on up the coast until it became a path.  There were some beautiful houses along the way but not terribly many.  Only one vehicle passed us.  What you see in this photo are two postal mailmen on one motorcycle.  They rode to the last building on the road and returned.


We had the pleasure of crossing this wooden bridge in both directions.   Believe it or not, it was just as scary going over it the second time.


Yesterday we went the other direction towards the south end of the penensula.  We were heading for a day at Stone Island.  We headed for South Beach which is the area of Mazatlan where fishing boats, water taxis are located and near the cruise line piers.  Our quest was a water taxi to take us to Stone Island.  (It isn’t really an island, but more of a peninsula across the bay from Mazatlan.)  The first place we tried was closed; however, we located water taxies about a quarter mile away.

Here’s a view of the sea from the first water taxi area.  Pretty spectacular.


On the way across the bay we could see the ships and ocean liners at the pier.  The Carnival Pride was in port.


When we reached the other side we hopped a taxi (a pickup with planks in the bed to sit on) and headed off to our destination which was one of the restaurants along the beach.  We had been told to try Lety’s.  Lety’s is near the end of the row of restaurants.

All of the tables were under the thatched roof (Palapa) and a few lounges were located under umbrellas at the edge of the restaurant and even hamocks in the restaurant.  We plopped down at a table near the edge of the palapa.  With the exception of one trip into the water, we stayed put enjoying good food and adult beverages.


A continual parade of beach vendors marched by and asked us if we needed any of their goods.  There were mariachis, blankets, ceramics, dresses, clothing, purses, beads, silver and just about anything else you might need.  They politely disappear when you say “no gracias”.  I’ve decided that if fortunes turn down and I need to take up being a mariachi, I certainly won’t be lugging a cello around.


All of the restaurants were renting fourwheelers for rides up and down the beach. ($30.00 USD per hour)  From my stationary position, this is the best shot of fourwheelers that I could get.


By the look on Tinka’s face you can tell that it was a very relaxing and enjoyable day.


At about 3:00 we headed back to the dock and water taxi for the return to Mazatlan.

In general, we have had a nice time here.  The traffic, as in most Mexican cities, is pretty horrible.  They have outgrown the infrastructure.  They do have all of the conveniences.  I was able to get my oil changed and today had the truck cleaned (detailed) for about $8.00 USD. We also made a quick trip to both Sam’s and Wal-mart in preparation for our trip south.

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