Savannah/ Hilton Head August 7, 2007

On our drive down from VA we stopped at Savannah, GA.  They have been restoring their historic district for quite some time.  It is situated right on the Savannah riverfront.  There is lots of history in this town.  It has about 22 squares, or parks in the historic district.  Most of the squares have a statue in the center of it.  Chippewa Square is now famous for the movie scene in which Forest Gump sits on a bench and gives his famous speech about “life is like a box of chocolates.”  You must say that with a real southern draaaaaawl!! 


A sailor had proposed to “The Lady”, shown below, and they planned to marry upon his return from the sea. She came to the riverfront every day for over 40 years waiting for her fiancé to return.  She died at 72 years old.  She waved and welcomed all the visitors from boats and ships into Savannah for all those years.  Her fiancé never returned.


The more wrought iron on the house, the richer the owner.


Many of the streets in Savannah are paved with a combination of stones.  The irregular stones were ballast stones from the ships coming in to pick up cotton.


 Pirates used to hang out at this house, “The Pirate House”, between raids on treasure laden ships.


While we were in Savannah we went back up to SC to visit Hilton Head which is about 30 miles from Savannah.  It has a lot of beautiful manicured entrances to gated golf communities.  They must expect only locals to shop in the area because all shopping centers and stores are hidden behind trees and bushes.   The city must regulate their signs very closely as there is only one sign per store or center and the size is small.


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  1. Sister says:

    Your blog is so informative. You always tell a good story.

  2. Rick and Tinka says:

    Thank you, I hope that you’re having a good time in Portland with the new granddaughter.

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