Visit to the Smithsonian (July)

We’ve been on whirlwind path through New England that we have not been able to get all of the stops posted.  We’ll take a look back at a couple of the stops we made along the way.

We spent a day visiting the Smithsonian.  The complex consists of 19 museums and 9 research centers.  As you can imagine, one day is not adequate to see everything.  In fact, two weeks wouldn’t be long enough.  During our visit, we elected to take in the original Smithsonian Castle that houses the natural history museum.


The journey through the museum was amazing.  I came around the corner and spotted the two relics shown below.


Other Texas relics were in the same area, including this Dimetrodon Grandis that patrolled Texas during the Permian period about a quarter billion years ago.



Tinka’s favorite was the Hope Diamond.  (She was hinting about our upcoming anniversary)


Further information about the Smithsonian can be found at:

No visit to Washington should go without a visit to the complex.  We plan on taking in more museums on our next visit.

2 Responses to “Visit to the Smithsonian (July)”

  1. Kiri says:

    Hey guys! I went to the Smithsonian forever ago on a school trip to DC. I am sure I would appreciate it a lot more now. About that diamond… Rick if you don’t get it for Tinka for your anniversary remember my birthday is in November!! You guys look great!!

  2. Sister says:

    The relics actually look quite good.

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