Tucson, AZ Saturday, June 9, 2007

We stayed in Blythe, CA one night and are now in Tucson.  When it is about 90 degrees with the dry heat here in Tucson it is pleasant.  When it about 103 degrees it is HOT.  At night it is very pleasant sitting outside.  We are visiting Roland and Karen, some friends here that we knew in Dallas.  They just moved into a new house and of course, we had to go see it. 

This is a somewhat hazy panarama of the northern Tucson valley. (Click picture for larger view.)


We had to go to Mexico one day. We parked on the US side and walked across the border. First stop, the liquor store for some Crown Royal for $18.  Next stop, a favorite bar for beer and guacamole. Is this breakfast, brunch or lunch?  Then on to a restaurant for lunch or is it considered dinner now? 

These are just pictures of the streets in Mexico.




A fence dividing the border.  Homeland Security at work.


We have spent the last 2 days planning and making reservations for when we are in Texas.  When you make a reservation at a motel or hotel you have a lot of selections.  You certainly don’t have that option in a RV Park.  First, you choose a RV park that is close to where you want to be.  Then you have to decide are the sites wide enough for our 4 slides and is it long enough?  Old RV parks aren’t always big enough.  So we look for the phrase “Big Rigs Welcome”.  That doesn’t necessary mean it is true!!!!!  So now we have reservations in El Paso, Midland and Cowtown in Aledo where we lived for about 6 months after we sold our house.  Today we have to make reservations at several places throughout the Dallas area and Galveston. 

Next stop–El Paso on Sunday!

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  1. Sister says:

    Tell Sheri and friends hello from me. When will you be in Midland?
    Sounds like you are still having a great time.
    When you get in home territory, give me a call and I will call back.
    Your blog has continued to be interesting.

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