Sacramento State Capital Sunday May 27, 2007

It is amazing what you retain from your parents.When I (Tinka) was younger and traveling with my parents, if we went through any state capital city, we would always drive by the capital building. Since we are very close to Sacramento we had to drive by the capital building to see it.

 zxsacramento-state-capital.JPGI also wanted to see the governor’s mansion.  When Arnold Swarchenegger was elected Governor of CA he stated he would save the taxpayers some money and not live in the Governor’s Mansion opting for his own house.  I really thought that was odd.  Why would someone not want to live in the mansion?  As soon as I saw the house, I knew the answer.  It is very old, 3 stories tall and a basement and doesn’t even take up the city block.  It is very close to the street with only a short wrought iron fence around it.  It was built in 1877.  If you had Arnold’s money you wouldn’t live there either.  To take a look click here.





The different variety of flowers in CA are just beautiful, especially the roses.  There are roses everywhere.  We even saw fences along the farm roads with roses planted all along the entire length.  Well after being here we now know why the roses are gorgeous.  It is about 85 degrees during the daytime and about 50 degrees at night, the perfect temperature for flowers.


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