Escapees Rally, Tuesday 4-24-2007


I wrote a journal yesterday but then couldn’t find it to post.  I deleted it, I guess.   We arrived here Sunday about 10:30 AM.  It was like arriving at a Dallas Cowboy game and trying to park except instead of cars pulling in to find a place to park it was all motor homes and 5th wheels.  That takes a lot of space for each rig.  It was a little overwhelming at first.  We were so busy driving and watching the traffic we forgot to take a picture. This is Escapees 46th Rally so they are experienced in moving everyone into a camping spot quickly.   

A camping spot is just a parking place in the fairgrounds parking lot.  We are parked near a fence that has an electric plug near it that we are sharing with another RV.  We have 7 amps.  What does that mean?  We can not use our microwave or anything that takes a lot of electricity.   Our lights run on batteries and we can watch TV with our 7 amps electricity.  We have a tank underneath our rig somewhere that holds fresh water so that is where we get our running water for the week. Some people are not plugged into any electricity but are using their generator for electricity.  We have one but are not quite brave enough to depend on it just yet.

The seminars or workshops are great and we have learned new things or reaffirmed things we know about RVing.

Friday when we pull out of here they will weigh our truck and 5th wheel.  They will tell us if we are under or overweight.  (This means our rig, unfortunately, we already know about our bodies.) We need to be a certain weight balanced all over and an even weight on each tire.  So we may be having a garage sale on the fairgrounds before we pull out to go down the road to be safe and keep from being overweight.

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  1. Sister says:

    WOW! This is quite a scientific procedure pulling that 5th wheel. Hope you make it through the week with minimal electricity and even more important, water.
    Are you going to Vegas after this?

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