Are we in West Texas? Surely this can’t be Southern California!

A low pressure system came in from the Pacific Ocean bringing 40 to 60 mile per hour winds, which brought a lot of swirling sand to all of southern California.  Rick white knuckled it down the mountain road that had signs everywhere reminding drivers of strong wind currents.  Yes, we could feel those strong wind currents as we made our way down to sea level.

Rather than going from San Diego to LA towing the 5th wheel on a crowded freeway with the winds blowing we opted to drive back to El Centro, through Palm Springs and then we spent the night in Pomoma near LA… 

What did we see on our trip?  Lots and lots of sand blowing in the air.  Reminded me of west Texas sandstorms.  The visibility in Palm Springs was about a quarter mile, and for brief moments, zero.  I am sure there was not any golf being played in Palm Springs the last 2 days.

The mountains near Pomona could only be seen through a haze of sand.

A few days ago we did a blog on windmills.  On the other side of Palm Springs we came across millions of them.  Okay, Okay, I exaggerate!!!!!  But there were thousands.


Then we came down the mountains into the LA area.  There was a steep grade of mountains but nothing like we had been through in the morning.

Tomorrow we are heading to the coast.  We will be in Buellton, CA, about 40 miles up the coast from Santa Barbara.  We hope the wind and sand has died down by then.

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