El Centro and Back

Saturday, March 24, 2007 

We needed to go get some supplies and since my cordless drill died, I needed to get a replacement for it too. 

Back down the hill from hell to El Centro and the Super Walmart. (Another note to self: “You’re retired, don’t shop on Saturday”)  It was about 40 miles to town, a little less traffic than going west to El Cajon.  On the way back up the hill the truck temperature gauge stayed right on the center line.  I have to believe that on our last trip up this hill (3500 feet in 7 miles) that the thermostat didn’t open.  The replacement earlier in the week did the trick.

In the evening, there was a scheduled theme dance with a live band.  The theme was “nametag” dance.  Basically, you pick out a current or historical figure and dress yourself accordingly and let people guess who you are.  Tinka was wearing a pussycat ring and a baby doll bracelet along with short shorts and high heels.  Her attempt at portraying a contemporary girl band “The Pussycat Dolls” went over the head of nearly all of the attendees who may not be up on current rock bands.

Rick fared much better in the guess department.  Can you tell who this is?


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