A quick view of Maine

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We’ve been moving at a blistering pace and are currently in Ruidoso, NM.  Sorry for the two week lapse.  We’ll try to catch up.

On our way to visit Rick’s mother to celebrate her 90th birthday, we spent a day exploring the Maine coast.  We were curious to find out what brought President George H. Bush and his family to this area for their summer  getaways.


We pulled in to Kennebunkport and decided that one of the best ways to get the “flavor” of a community is to seek out a local restaurant to sample.  We picked Mabel’s Lobster Claw Restaurant.


The reviews are a bit mixed, but on our visit, both the food and service was outstanding.  We both chose a stuffed lobster.


Here’s a top view after eating began.  It is stuffed with delicious cheeses and other goodies.


The place mat gave instruction on how to eat the delicacy  (Click on Photo to enlarge)


Small shops dotted the entire area.




The area was also spotted with beautiful homes.


After lunch we headed out to see if we could find the Bush compound.  We were told that it we couldn’t miss it if we headed north on Ocean Ave.

We spotted the old St Ann’s Church which was built in the 1890’s and still graces the shoreline just north of the town.


Just a mile or so north of town we came across the Bush compound.  It was easily recognizable from Bush Sr’s press conference days. (Click on Photo to Enlarge)


The family was not in residence at the time of our visit but were expected within the next week.

The guard gate and secret service buildings can be seen from the driveway entrance.


The shoreline is quite rocky and the seas remain calm, despite not seeing any barrier islands.  Not sure why there isn’t any surf.


The day of our visit was quite overcast and in the low 60’s.  We can certainly see why the Bush’s might choose this location for a summer retreat.  It is beautiful, quaint, and a good escape from the Texas heat.

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