Smokin Hot!!! 108 Degrees F

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Holy Smoke, It’s HOT!!!!

We’re hanging out in the Austin area with a bunch of our RV friends,  The local temperature is hitting about 108 degrees and 114 heat index.

Unfortunately, we are plugged in to 30 AMP electrical, which means that we can only use one air conditioner at a time.  To make things worse, our central air unit quit blowing cold air.

We got lucky and found an RV company, Pennies, RV in Bastrop, TX,, that would come out to see us and arrived for a service call within 2-hours of our call for help. It turns out that the coils needed cleaning and the return air tube wiped down. So, one hour and $190.00 later, we had cool air.

With all the time that we had spent along the coast, the report was that there wasn’t too much corrosion.

On a side note, when we were in the Dallas area  last week, we had a storm with 60 mile per hour winds and horizontal rain.  Rain came in our front air conditioner and dripped on the bed.  It had never done that before.  Well, it happened again when the guy was servicing the front unit.  It turns out that the square gasket was in place, but there were three additional holes that led to the inside unit allowing water to pass.  He caulked the holes and that problem went away.

It may be too late, but if you have a chance to check your AC coils, be sure to do it.

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