The end of a non-traditional Thanksgiving Day

From the earlier post you can see how beautiful the beach was on Thanksgiving Day morning.  Well, as the day wore on, it became urgent to find a sports bar from which to watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Jets.

We hopped on our bicycles and headed along the road closest to the beach, toward the center of town (Sayulita).  We had heard that we could find the NFL on a television at Don Pedro’s.


The word was correct.  We perched ourselves at the bar to get a good view of the television.  As expected, our Cowboys performed admirably and dominated the game.

During intermissions, it was nice to be able to look over our shoulders at the extraordinary view behind us.  Over the left shoulder were several beachgoers with their army of umbrellas.


Over the other shoulder were dozens of surfers waiting for that perfect wave.


Don Pedro’s was planning a traditional turkey day feast for the Thanksgiving night meal.  ($35.00 USD per person) Here are the tables prepared for the event.


We opted for less expensive fare.  We headed out on our bicycles to the main square in town. (which is really a triangle)  We spotted La Betola, an Italian restaurant that promised excellent pizzas.  All of the pizza places in town, and there are several, use the old style fired brick ovens.  In general, the pizza was pretty good except for that one little thing, price.  What we would consider a medium pizza with sausage, mushrooms and pepperoni came to $20.00 USD.  Where is a Papa Murphy’s when you need one?


As you can see from the photos, it was getting dark when we left the restaurant and hopped back on our bikes.  We have no headlights on the bikes so we decided on the most direct route home.  This path took us through the center of town on cobblestone streets.  Having not learned to support most of her weight on the pedals, Tinka says ouch.

We headed home to await another day in paradise.

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  1. Sister says:

    Well, in paradise in BC it is now snowing–9 PM, Nov. 26–our first snowfall. I will let you know what mother thinks of it tomorrow. Enjoy the warmth and the sun. We have neither.

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