Sayulita – Getting Settled In – November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to another granddaughter.


Happy 7th Birthday, Ayden !!!!!!!!!!

Also, Happy Birthday to our daughter-in-law, Kiri.

We have had a spike in readership because we are listed in . That is a list of people who write blogs while living in their RV. So we want to welcome our new readers. We do not write a journal article every day. We try to do it every 2 or 3 days. We started out trying to write every day but it became too much like work, pressure and being on a schedule. You can make comments at the bottom of the journal entry or you may email us at for a private message, comment or question. We do have a spam blocker so make the subject a title we can spot as a legitimate email.  So again, welcome readers!!!!!! For the past couple of days Tinka has been doing nothing but sitting in her recliner and taking pain pills. We think it must have been kidney stones.  Hope that doesn’t hit again as that was very painful.  Now we can get back to investigating Sayulita and sitting on the beach. Yesterday, for supper, Rick walked down the block to an open air store. The lady cooks chickens every day on a grill outside.


We bought a whole cooked chicken just like you can in the supermarkets in the states.  Oh, so much better though. It was so delicious.  She split it open and cooks it on the grill that way. When it was done she cut it up in pieces, put the most delicious sauce on it and put it back on the grill for a few minutes.  Cheap?   No way!!!!  We usually buy cooked chickens in the supermarket in the US for about $6. This chicken cost $7. There are no bargains near the beaches in Mexico.We’ve spent our share of time at the beach at the Sayulita RV Park.  Most of our time there is reading and taking in the sights.  This is a view towards the north of the park.


And to the south toward the town of Sayulita.


We see workers at grocery stores wearing painter type masks to keep from spreading their germs on the food.  They usually have them on their chin though, not doing any good.  Anyway, I spotted a guy laying on the beach with what looked like a painter mask on his face — Alas, after closer examination, no. 


More beach vistas.


Sayulita is a pretty famous surfing beach.  We haven’t seen any spectacular waves yet, but there are several surfers taking short rides.  One heavy set guy, (there’s hope for those of us so inclined), shows off his talents.  Here he is jumping on his board and he turns backwards and then forward again.

a-surfing2.jpg Here he is doing a head-stand.


It turns out that he is a jack of all trades.  He teaches surfing, he’s an artist, and has several other “vocations”.

We still have an issue with our truck.  The “brake” light comes on when driving.  It is probably an adjustment to the emergency brake switch.  We’re trying to get hold of the guy that worked on them. 

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