Some more of the story of San Francisco Friday May 11,2007

This is the view of San Francisco from across the bay.


What would a tour of San Francisco be without visiting Chinatown? We got off the bus and took a stroll through the area to take in the sights and smells. We walked several blocks on fairly level streets. This is a typical street in Chinatown.


Different looking bank!


Then we stopped at Grace Cathedral Church. It is a huge church with beautiful stained glass windows and a gorgeous gold door, which we did not use to enter the church. The interesting fact about the church is that it is for ALL denominations such as Christian, Jewish, Buddhism, and etc. Different type services run all day Sunday and the rest of the week there are about 4 different services a day.

The cathedral with the gold door.


This is a close up view of one of the panels of the ornate, gold door.


Of course, you have to see and hear a cable car. We will go back to SF and ride the cable car.


Hope Rick can hang on as the people just hang out the sides. I am sure that is good for his back!

I have a few more pictures to upload but while I still see these I will post them NOW!!!

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  1. Sister says:

    You are getting great pictures (or at least the ones you load are!). Now i want to go to SF to see the Cathedral. I don’t think I ever did ride a cable care when I was in SF that summer. Or I can’t remember it, whcih is possible. It must feel good to be in one place for a while. Have Fun.

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